Life At S.N.B.P.
Life At S.N.B.P.

Life IN S.N.B.P.

SNBP supports educational programmes, teachers and administrators in primary and secondary school, It provides a route that students can follow from the post kindergardten stage to university.

The guiding principle of curriculum followed in SNBP is that students are rewarded for positive achivement- what they know, understand and can do- rather than be penalized for an accumulation of errors. The curriculum encourages not just the acquisition of knowledge,but also:

  • The developement of oral and practical skills.
  • An investigative approach to learning
  • The use of initiative to solve problems
  • Application of skills,knowlwdge and understanding
  • The ability to undertake individual projects and to work as part of a team.
All India Hockey Tournaments Organize...
All India Hockey Tournaments Organized By SNBP Group Of Institutes.
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Art and Culture
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