For Me,Education Means - Being Useful To The Society.It Gives An Individual Broad Outlook And Promotes The Thought Process Towards Positivity.Education Not Only Helps To Make Living But It Makes Life.

SNBP School And College Provides Equal Educational Opportunities For All.We Are Interested In Academic Growth Of A Child And Help Him/her To Become An All-rounder.It Is Said,"Education Is A Life Long Process ", Agreeing To It We Believe To Implement It At Right Moment, Right Age.

Our Aim Is To Mould An Individual In Such A Way That He/she Competes With World In Remarkable Way.

For That , We Instill Good Values, Logical Thinking And Motivate Them For Excellence. Most Important In SNBP Is Discipline With Which We Inculcate Self Control To Make Them Confident To Overcome The Hurdles Of Life.We Channelise And Guide Young Minds To Become Responsible Citizens And Dynamic Leaders So That They Are Assets And Pride To Our Nation.

We At SNBP, Adhere And Utilize The Latest Modern Techniques Of Computerised Qualitative Education So That Our Students Proudly Say,"Success Is Ours".


Mr. Vibhakar Telore
SNBP School & Jr. College