1. All our classroom are big,well lit and airy to facilitate the learning process.
  2. We provides a well stocked library which is a focal point of the institute and offers a wide array of book, periodicals and audio-visual aids.
  3. Well qualidied and experienced staff.
  4. Computer Lab with unlimited internet access.
  5. Wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  6. Seminars and workshops.
  7. Canteen facilities.
  8. A Healthy students-teachers ratio.
  9. Pleasing atmosphere with computer facilities for teaching purpose.
  10. First aid and medical facillities.
  11. Social awareness programme.
  12. Opportunities for personality developement.
  13. Preparation classes for external and competitive examination.
  14. Colourful and vibrant surrounding to enhance and promote learning through first hande experiences.