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NOTE: S.N.B.P School & Jr. College strives to provide education as per the changing needs of society and students. Parents are important stakeholders of education; therefore their satisfaction is important to us. Parents are requested to give their feedback on the following features/facilities college is providing to their ward. Please rate each feature and assign numbers according to the following response scheme.
1. Excellent    2. V. Good    3. Good    4. Average   5. Poor
Sr. No. Features Ratings
1 My child is happy, safe and well looked after at school
2 My child makes good progress at school
3 My child receives appropriate homework for their age
4 My child is taught well at SNBP School
5 SBNP School makes sure its pupils are well behaved
6 SNBP School deals effectively with bullying
7 SNBP School is well led and managed
8 SNBP School responds well to any concerns I raise
9 There is continuous up gradation in the child’s performance
10 I would recommend SNBP School to another parent
11 If my child is worried they feel they can talk to staff about it
12 The School is good at celebrating my child’s achievements(merit points, awards certificates )
13 SNBP School provides holistic education
14 My child finds their learning motivating
15 My child is always well prepared for the forthcoming examination
16 My child has been given appropriate information, advice and guidance on their progression route
17 Encouragement in participation in sport activities at various levels
18 Implementation of field visits related to study based
19 Exposure to inter school, district ,state and national extra-curricular activity
20 Healthy environment for various competitions
21 Practice of behavioral etiquettes, Independent growth of learning & implementing
22 There is constant healthy interaction between parents and teachers
23 Awareness about social responsibilities
24 I am happy with the overall provision SNBP School has made for my child during she/he tenure in the school
25 I would recommend SNBP School & Jr. College to another parent

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