Magnificient State of Art Infrastructure Alma Mater at Yerawada beckons the students of the 21st century. Equipped with Technology that was handpicked to fulfil the dream project of its founder Secretary Dr D.K Bhosale, SNBP International School shall be a school of pride for the parents and the students. The chain of schools of which SNBP at Yerawada is a part, is a humble tribute of Dr Bhosale to his parents. In this era, where gratitude, humility have turned rare, SNBP comes as a breath of fresh air bringing with it the rich fragrance. For our children we are the only Koran they will read in their life time, the only Vedas they will see, the only Bible they will experience, the only Dharma they will follow.

Our lives will either serve as a warning or as an example. It is an awesome responsibility, but how else can we explain why we came into this planet before them ? I consider myself extremely fortunate for being chosen to anchor SNBP International School at Yerawada in the capacity of a Principal. SNBP International School is envisioned to be a dream school for parents of Pune.

Firmly rooted to the Indian Values accompanied by the infrastructure par excellence to match the international standards, the school shall be the absolute choice of astute parents. The school will leave no stone unturned to ensure a holistic growth of every SNBPian. The tiny footsteps trod in to the threshold, An adult hand stretches out to hold.., The tiny hands feel secure in that warm clasp, They soon become friends, Discuss music, maths, literature and weather.. The child grows into an adult, Wisdom and humility personified, Steps out of the threshold, and the comfort he enjoyed... As the world beckons him now to lead, to conquer.., It pleases the custodian that not once he looked back, I wish to be that custodian whom every child who is ushered looks up to, with trust and love. I know, I would be able to achieve my dream in this school with the guidance of the visionary Dr D.K Bhosale and Dr Vrushali Bhosale. Excited to be alive to serve my SNBPians,
With warm Regards,
Jayshree Venkatraman